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ZWS Essentials

ZWS Stickers

ZWS Stickers

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The perfect eco-alternative to the widely popular vinyl sticker. Made with FSC certified sustainably grown and harvested maple wood veneer (thin wood), they are 100% biodegradable and compostable, leaving no trace as they start to wear away! They are also strong and will stick to any surface. Great for your laptop, reusable water bottle, as a car decal, or even on the back of your phone!

When a traditional vinyl sticker breaks down, it leaves behind tiny pieces of micro-plastic that pollute our land and waterways. These are the most sustainable alternative!

They will last just as long as a normal sticker, lasting indefinitely with indoor use and can last up to two years when exposed to the elements of the outdoors (ex. as a car decal) or dish washing.

All of the stickers are made in the US. Less of a carbon foot print is created from the transportation and sourcing of materials, as they are printed, cut, and shipped from Colorado!

Mini stickers are 1.4" x 1.4". Large stickers are about 3" x 3"


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