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Dish Soap Mini Kit

Dish Soap Mini Kit

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Washing dishes is a particularly messy task, especially when you use plastic sponges that somehow always smell like mildew and large plastic jugs of dish soap that get soap on everything but your dirty dishes. With this bundle of zero-waste and eco-friendly sponges and a dish soap block, your dish-washing routine will be simpler, less messy, and much better for the planet. We can’t promise washing dishes will become a fun task, but it will definitely become far less wasteful!

Bundle includes a 6oz. dish soap block and 2 zero-waste sponges.

Palm oil-free, vegan, and zero waste. Sulfate-free and Paraben-free. Free of plastic,  harsh detergents, toxic preservatives, fragrances, and all the other harmful ingredients found in typical liquid dish soap.

How to Use: Wet your sponge and rub it directly onto the dish block. You know how to do the rest! Use warm water for best results. Pair dish soap block with our Bamboo Soap Shelf.

End of Life: 

  • Dish Soap Block: Use until gone!
  • Sponges: Replace every 6 months or as desired. Wash in dishwasher once a week for best use. Bury underground or compost in any composting system when it reaches the end of its life.


  • Dish Soap Block: 100% biodegradable coconut-based ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium cocoate, alkyl sulfonates, alkyl polyglucosides, sodium carbonate, vegetable glycerin, quillaja saponaria, aloe vera leaf, citric acid, purified water, sodium benzoate
  • Dish Sponges: Made with 100% wood pulp.


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