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Copper Scrubber - Pot Scrubber, Copper Scourer, Plastic Free Pot Scrubber

Copper Scrubber - Pot Scrubber, Copper Scourer, Plastic Free Pot Scrubber

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Upgrade your cleaning routine with these long-lasting copper scrubbers. Not only are they gentler on surfaces than steel wool or stainless steel, they are also more durable and sustainable than plastic sponges and scrubbers. With natural antimicrobial properties, these copper scourers are the perfect choice for a hygienic and eco-friendly option. Say goodbye to rust and splinters and hello to a fresh, clean kitchen.

  • Great for effectively scrubbing dishes and cookware, leaving them sparkling clean.
  • Boft and tough. Easily removes grime on a variety of surfaces, from cookware to grill tops, without scratching.
  • Copper scourers won't rust or splinter unlike steel wool or stainless steel scrubbers.
  • Copper has natural antimicrobial properties and helps prevent the spread of germs
  • Doesn't produce any funky smells!

Choose from: Single or Pack of 2

Size: 3" diameter, about 1" thick

How to use: Lather up with warm water and your fave dish soap. Copper scrubbers are perfect for scrubbing stainless steel, copper, or multi-clad cookware. They also work wonders on tough spots like grills, stove burners, and oven racks! *Avoid using on fragile surfaces, such as porcelain or enamel, that may be prone to scratches. *NOT RECOMMENDED for non-stick, coated, or Teflon materials.*

Care: When using, wet first and rinse and let dry after each use. Replace as necessary. 

End of life: Made to last. Fully recyclable once it starts fraying.

Made in China


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